We are located on the Upper West Side in Manhattan and in Newport, New Jersey. Whether you’re just picking up a paddle for the first time, or you’re a seasoned player looking to learn new skills or improve on existing ones, or you want your kids to learn table tennis then we can help.
Multiple Format
Only top of the line Butterfly Pro tables.
Access anytime
4,800 square feet wide.
Develop your skills


Spin Technique


Great place to play ping pong. Whole day play only $20. For beginners the automatic ball throwing machine very useful. Even if you go alone there is somebody to play with you.

P Pra

Our Teachers

Recognized by the Global Table Tennis Community

Ma Xin

Won Singapore’s only medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics, were all recruited from China through the Foreign Sports Talent Scheme.

Ding Jike

Was born in Indonesia but was already a Chinese citizen when she emigrated to British Hong Kong in 1998.

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