If you’re reading this article, the chances are that you already know your MBTI personality type, your StrengthsFinder result, and your moon and ascendant signs. Now, there’s one more way to know yourself or others better—through snack preferences!

Are you ready for Nutella B-ready?

According to a study done by psychiatrist and neurologist Alan Hirsch, there is a link between food preferences and personality because smell and taste are processed in the limbic system—the part of the brain that controls emotions. To find out more about the link between the two, Hirsch studied the snacks preferred by particular personality types.

Scroll down to look for your favorite snack and find out what it says about you!

Potato Chips

Hirsch’s study found that potato chip-poppers are typically ambitious and competitive. They are high achievers who enjoy success. If you love potato chips, you might also feel frustrated when dealing with slight inconveniences. So, it’s best to remember to be patient and keep calm.


The study found that most pretzel snackers are lively and energetic. They love dressing up, which increases their confidence levels. They are also most likely seen having fun in a group. If you love pretzels, you may also tend to overcommit, which can lead to friction in your personal and work relationships. So, always think twice before agreeing to something.  

Bretzels / Pretzels are some of the food items I love during my visit in Frankfurt, Germany.Tortilla Chips

Tortilla chip snackers are perfectionists. The study found that they are humanitarians—always striving to be the best, not only for themselves but also for others. They are also great planners and are often highly self-disciplined. If you prefer tortilla chips, you might have been one of those students who argued with teachers for an A+ instead of just the A.

Meat Snacks

Those who opt for savory, meat-based snacks are more likely to be loyal to friends or their favorite sports teams. If this is you, you may also tend to be over-trusting. This predisposes you to emotional turmoil when someone disappoints or betrays you.

Meat snacks are often considered a great choice during sports events.Biscuits

Biscuit snackers were found to be contemplative and thoughtful. According to Hirsch’s findings, biscuit snackers value their alone time and are most creative when given the time and space to think. Their biggest struggle is that all of their projects compete for their time and attention. If you love snacking on biscuits, you might want to plan your break times so that you can give your 100% to your work or studies.

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Will you try it?

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